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grief works better out loud

The 26 Foundation is in its early stages, but we have a vision.  A vision to create a space where people with like experiences can come together and be part of a community of support.  The like experience for our group is parental bereavement, grieving that loss, finding your way.  

The Board of Directors is imagining a fluid development of this community reaching out and trying to bring together the following people:

As of now, community groups will be facilitated via Facebook. By clicking the groups above, you will be redirected to the groups respective page.

Group Hike

You're invited to join us for 

Grief Chats 

Sometimes we just want to be in a room with people who understand. A room where we can talk, listen and find community. On the first Wednesday evening of each month at 7 p.m. EST, The 26 Foundation will host 'Grief Chats'; an informal space for anyone who has lost a parent at a young age to come together and share what grief has looked like for them recently. Come as you are, the only requirements are mutual respect and kindness. 

"When children feel understood by family and friends and when they have the opportunity to express their grief in their own unique way, they feel less alone and, in turn, fare better than they would otherwise."

- 2013  by National Alliance for Children’s Grief.

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